New Moon//Partial Solar eclipse in LEO

Has This Summer Been Scalding?



There’s already a choir of voices noting our many retrograde planets (from Mercury and Mars to Uranus…) but the gargantuan, immersive quality to this chapter is such that I feel a need to talk about it. The carefree, sunny IDEA of summer is so jarringly different than the reality of this one, it is cause for a pause. Just one lunar cycle has seen the death and birth of intensely intimate issues… paths obscured from passage by unforeseen cosmic forces, and new pockets of space freed up where before, no doorway had been. So much retrograde energy earmarked by a trio of eclipses has our consciousness contorting in to inspect itself in a very uncomfortable way.

So amidst all this chaos, today is the moment to breathe, drink a tall glass of water, and make space for the new to greet us. This new moon feels momentous even in the mundane. Drinking coffee this early afternoon and scribbling in my journal, I relish this opportunity to meet myself where I am. Messy haired, sweaty in the tropical August heat of New Orleans and very determined. I feel that we are all reflecting and revealing each other even as we untangle our own threads. Even through the challenges and exhaustion, blips of intimacy and beauty peek through. That is life, drawing us in with a seductive magnetism even as the structures we are standing on crumble beneath us.

Let me share one tool I’m utilizing right now to help manage the alarming number of concerns that need my attention. First, take a breath, and another one. Actually drink some water. Have you eaten something nutritious today? Tend to these aspects of your physical self. Once your baseline is accounted for, pull out some paper and a pen. Write out first what is true right now. Without tying emotion into the statements, write out where you are at this point in your life financially, romantically, emotionally, professionally. Just write out enough general statements to cover the overall picture. Secondly, on a separate page, write down the emotions that come up as they relate to these facts. I did mine as an emotion that accompanied each of the facts. Lastly, write up potential solutions to the issues listed on your facts page. Once again, on a fresh page, without emotion tied up in it. Try to methodically break down what could be the next right action to move you out of this issue.


Some challenges such as chronic illness, mental health, grief, or issues created by a racist, ableist, transphobic society don’t have a clear solution for you to work on. In instances where this is the case, turn towards how you can better care for yourself even in the presence of an unresolved issue.

This exercise can help move you out of the procrastination slump that so often accompanies sensory overload. Our nervous systems can only tolerate so much responsibility, difficulty and stimulation before they start to get out of whack. I feel that by utilizing a simple logic based technique to suss out what the actual issue is, APART from the emotional response, we can start to uncover the next steps that will move us through this obstacle. Life is a spiral, and through this flow we experience the full spectrum of sadness and joy, success and failure winding and dancing around each other. It is important, at times, to take a step back and acknowledge that this too, shall pass. The sooner we acknowledge the reality of where we are, we can begin to move towards resolution.

So with this, I bid you a happy conclusion to this eclipse season, and a glorious new moon! many blessings, morrigan fey

summer facemelt

shiver blossom,

it’s a chill wind in

this summer

hologram. grab a goat-

stiff Capricorn to be lost by,

the wayside.

asphalt, blood, tequila

you don’t drink. moss

the lush underbelly

stomach sadness,

walk it off. salty water

heals your lonely nape.

no one can follow you into

the secret garden.

tend, and hum, and whistle alone,


and be wary of thorns

CAN U FEEL IT MR KRABS: full moon eclipse in Aquarius

Hot dog, it’s been a week. A winding, treacherous, soul-aching week, complete with a crushed finger and 101 degree weather. To say the least this eclipse/Mercury (and Neptune, and Saturn, and Venus and Mars and…) retrograde fusion is throwing some major curveballs into the mix.

With ALL this retrograde energy, these many dimensions of self are being turned inside out for inspection. Our perceptions, our vitality/action, the way in which we relate, the way we practice escapism, its all laid out naked to be tested for defects.

Constantly in life I am reminded that force is not the way, at least not for me. That’s not to say passion is dismissed from my arsenal, but just that any raw vibrant energy has to be harnessed and used delicately. Fiercely, but delicately. Burnout is inevitable and failure is certain, at least sometimes. How do we respond to obstacles, to our own weaknesses? Consider these uncomfortable dimensions an opportunity for growth.

Surrender is not about giving up– it’s about giving in to the truth of what we need as beings. To surrender is to nurture our hopes and dreams with love over time, instead of trying to shove the desired outcome, lopsided and exhausted into the now when it isn’t ready yet.

Surrender is sitting with your traumas and aches and pains and paying attention when something hurts, instead of getting on the internet to zone out or inhaling a pizza to mute the intensity. It’s acknowledging the reality of our sensory experience and adjusting behavior accordingly.

Surrender is serving your most neglected inner self. The one that wants love and appreciation and to be happy. There is truly nothing sappy or romanticized about that– it’s actually more courageous to acknowledge that stifled self than to block it out to avoid feeling the reality.

Perhaps the week is going swimmingly for you, or maybe it’s been exhausting and filled with disappointments. In any case I invite you to disconnect for an evening, away from the internet and your roommates or family members or any other compelling distractions. Tune in to discover what you need to fill your cup up, and do that thing.

One more eclipse to go in his series, on August 11th. Until then, blessings

xx morrigan fey

Travel Tools

Hey y’all, hope the day finds you well. Since I’ve managed travel a fair bit and have utilized all the budget friendly tools available, I have a pretty comprehensive sense of how to “get and stay gone.”

*It’s worth noting that though I’m queer, I’m still white, cis and able-bodied woman, so I have had more ease than marginalized folks (differently abled, LGBT folks, POC, etc). But it’s also worth noting I’ve met people of all walks of life while traveling and that I believe travel can be augmented to be possible no matter what!


#1 is

workaway is an online platform that connects “hosts” (folks who provide a compendium of volunteer opportunities) to volunteers, usually with some form of exchange such as room and board. You create a profile, list your skill sets and peruse the offerings and contact the hosts directly to apply for the position. This platform has SO much possibility and can provide a place to stay and food to eat when you’re trying to stretch a $ and maybe want to learn a new skill! Everything from house sitting, building/constructing/farming/landscaping, hospitality, art projects, caretaking, language/culture exchange and more. This platform opens the door to traveling cheaply and with greater depth. It’s also convenient to see the profile online and see if it’s the kind of people/environment you’d want to work with, and cater to your own tastes, also to make sure the space is LGBT supportive, etc. Membership is in the 30$/range annually and it’s a service I’ve used many times.


Basic online service that allows you to book lodging cheaply online before hand. Quality varies, but the review system gives you a sense of the value you receive for your money. A basic tool that can make travel more easeful. *free to join


This offering has been, in my experience, a major hit or miss. As a young, female solo traveler it can be daunting staying in a strangers home especially when many more men offer up homes than women, statistically. You need to be careful and wise, it’s always best to travel with a buddy and maybe not the best option for a first time traveler. This is more of a last resort, however I have had some great experiences with in mixed in with some terrible ones. *free to join


Hitch at your own risk! It’s NOT for everyone! That being said I still believe in the possibility of hitching as a viable mode of travel for the adventurous person. Always exercise caution, DONT get in the car with anyone that makes you uncomfortable and be extra careful if you’re female/femme oriented. DO YOUR RESEARCH, on the region, customs etc. There’s some great content by solo female hitchhikers going through places even in the Middle East etc. that being said they acknowledge a western privilege in those spaces. Nonetheless, people are doing incredible things all the time and I think it’s okay to think outside the box. Lots of info and content here although is can have a male-centric tone at times.

*free to join


This is a more alternative resource with tons of varied information about all kinds of different ways to subside outside the norm. Info on dumpster diving, skill trade, equipment reviews for the full time traveler or homeless person… take what you need and leave the rest y’all.

*free to join

I have travelled in Europe; Portugal, France, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy. Guatemala and Mexico. Egypt in the Middle East, India and Thailand in the Far East. I have travelled almost everywhere but Spain and France entirely alone as a young woman without much money. Still so much more to see and more resources to list but here is a basic starter kit that can get you thinking. Many blessings xx

Grounding Practices

I am an airy, fiery kind of person, (Gemini sun, Sag rising…) with a lot of imagination, daring and playfulness. However, it takes conscious effort on my part to ground down all this erratic energy into the dense plane of our material world. To slow down my thoughts to meet the pace of my body, et cetera. To practice patience, stability and commitment.

Some of the ways I’ve found to sink into this more earthy, grounded energy is to mark the passage of time. I journal almost every day, always noting the lunar phases and trying to draw myself into awareness of the ebbs and flows. I highly recommend trying out this practice, as it quickly becomes enjoyable and a way to get all of the rapid fire thoughts down on paper and grounded in reality.

Another mode is in tending to my altar weekly. Always getting fresh cut flowers at home in a vase, cleaning the surface and refreshing the water offering, cleaning off the ash of residual incense and sage… simply showing up each week and tending in this way grounds me into the moment, so key for folks who find themselves very in their own heads.

I make sure to hang out with my houseplants too, water them, admire them and spend a little time enjoying their beauty and growth. Deliberately slowing down and enjoying the mundane, mortal, daily stuff is incredibly helpful for me to get grounded. Even just taking a moment to stretch, lay on the ground and let the earth hold me for a moment, and possibly setting down my phone out of my reach can have tremendous benefits.

What are some ways you practice getting grounded? This reflection has always helped me to tune into the wisdom of slowing down and living in the moment.

Back in United States…

After spending time abroad, you get the sense from many foreigners that America is the punchline to some joke we’re not clued in on. And understandably so, with a symbol of a racist, capitalist patriarchy like Trump in office. Although I saw this sentiment during my pre-Trunp travels…

The nose wrinkled in distaste as they hear your response “I’m from the States.” Many folks to seem to have developed an idea of America as some kind of plastic, tasteless, corporatized, culture-less wasteland where you are sentenced to a life of unintelligent conversations in shopping plazas.

Bombarded by chain restaurants, endless concrete in disrepair, Fox News in the airport and an onslaught of billboards, it’s easy to succumb to that mentality. And yet, within an hour of being on the ground I have to shake my head at the mysterious and unique beauty that oozes out of the cracks here.

The people are so incredibly varied in this country, both culturally and aesthetically. There is a raw sense of individuality that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Despite a stifling atmosphere of capitalism, the asymmetrical beauty of human nature also pervades in equal measure.

While sitting in the train station in Los Angeles, I observe people coming, going and loitering. A blind man thwacks his cane around while uttering something unintelligible to himself. After circling the premises for some time, he takes a seat at the public piano wedged into a corner. He proceeds to play a staggeringly beautiful piece, while onlookers quietly observe.

Getting some snacks in the shop adjacent to the train, a man in front of me in line insists I check out first. The cashier asks about my day with what seems like genuine interest. The girl making sandwiches cracks jokes with a friend who came to visit her at work and the whole vibe is pretty laid back.

The people make this place what it is. Despite the chaos of a corrupt government, meager social programs and vicious capitalist foundation, folks still manage to leave a mark of meaning everywhere they touch here. We have incredible music, art and some profound version of truth here beneath the veneer.

I pity anyone foolish enough to discount the immense and intricate personality of this country. Yes, the government is shit, yes corporations abound. But in spite of all the things working against it, there is still so much strange beauty to be found here. We may have front row seats to the freak show, but at least we know who we are and make our own meaning of it all.

The Art of Existing in the Unknown

Hidden beach on Koh Phangan

At times in life we are faced with big choices. You know the type. The ones which carry enough power to rapidly shift the entire direction of our existence. I contemplate this archetypal moment as I stand on the verge of a big move to a new city–and ultimately a new chapter in life.

In these situations we’re offered a pair of options, a. the known, the comfortable and “safe” choice, or b. the mysterious, challenging alternative aka “the unknown”. Making big changes means stepping out of your comfort zone, no matter what that looks like.

Think of a seed, cracking open to begin its journey towards transforming into a grand tree. You have to step out of your security bubble to embrace the possibility of a better future.

So, if you are on the precipice of a big shift I encourage you to turn inwards and ask yourself three questions. Temper reason with imagination; logic with a hint of faith.

What’s the worst that can happen?

The mind is our own greatest critic and skeptic. My mind frequently attempts to psych me out of “taking the leap” due to fear of failure, not being good enough etc. etc… Yet our clever mind would allow us to waste years away on our phone throughout a lifetime. Basically, the mind is falliable. Don’t feed into unfounded fears around change. Explore realistically what could go wrong and assess whether it’s a risk you can stomach.

What’s the best that can happen?

Yeah, give yourself permission to go there. What happens when you ‘take the leap’ and something really beautiful and profound transforms in your life? Dream the dream and try to explore your true motivations for making this decision. Are you motivated by sincere excitement, inspiration, hope? What’s driving you? Locate the root and if it’s in line with your highest and best, then aim high.

Am I ready to let go?

Ultimately making a hard choice requires a degree of surrender. You have to submit to the powers of time and uncertainty–and allow yourself to be vulnerable in your decision. Facing the unknown gracefully means letting go of what you have in search of something more. It’s an opportunity to be brave…to be open to learning, adapting and embracing whatever life is giving you in the moment.

Life is the experience of an unfolding eternal now. This exact moment is the one we have power to shape. So if you are faced with a crossroads, I encourage you to take the reigns of your existence and make a choice that can take you to new heights.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes of all time, by Terence McKenna

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.”

many blessings

xx Morrigan