Morrigan Fey Alley is a NOLA based creatrix experimenting with life-affirming mediums of DIY medicine

My magickal offerings (from tarot and prose to performance art) are woven with ritual. This work is reflective of a deep empathy for all folx who find themselves in challenging incarnations. I aim to highlight the intersections of the sex-positive slut, social-justice oriented witch and unabashedly wild femme.

I revel in the kaleidoscopic diversity of the human experience, and our ability to transform struggles into works of art. As a survivor of sexual trauma, suicide of a parent and someone who struggles with brain chemistry, it is my pleasure to share some of the tools I wield to live life passionately and with style.

During these seemingly apocalyptic times it is more important than ever to cultivate compassion and uplift marginalized and oppressed peoples. I am committed to unraveling patriarchal white supremacy in my own practice, and educating myself and friends.

Always looking for badass femmes to hex the patriarchy and start a kinky colony on Venus!


I am contributing my voice to an outpouring from SO many extraordinary souls who have surmounted unthinkable challenges and have become totally embodied as the cosmic babes they are. My aim is to underscore the possibility of HEALING YOURSELF and coming out the other side of a trip to the underworld more whole and alive than ever before.