Tarotcast for the people Oct 1st-7th

Rooting into the mysteries of the fertile ground, and allowing our form to evolve

Good afternoon lovelies. It’s a rainy autumn afternoon here in New Orleans, and I’m feeling withdrawn in the simplest and sweetest way today. It has been an emotionally demanding week, with the Kavanaugh exposure and the incessant responsibilities of day-to-day life. I myself have needed extra time to sleep, rest and just be quiet with myself. Please hug, make time for and listen to your femme friends in these days. In any case, I am so grateful to be at the foot of the magical and transformative month of October. The pain and beauty of life and death is present now, if only we can slow down to bear witness to it all.

Energetics of the present moment

Ace of Pentacles

More so than any other card in the deck, I feel this to be a true SEED. Physical, spherical, dense with all the possibility of life; a seed waiting for the conditions to emerge that will nourish it into its full expression. We are learning to show up to what we love with persistence; slowly grounding our dreams into the physical world with deliberation. Now, on the crux of this new month, we are invited to see the shape of our work take form.

What We Are Releasing

Knight of Swords

The time for rapidity, precision and lightening quick linguistic alchemy is receding into the background. Now– even if it’s slow, lumbering and not perfectly precise, we use our physical bodies to show up to ourselves and our responsibilities. The time for talking and rapid fire thinking/plotting has passed away… today let’s try to embody what we are seeking, even if at first it doesn’t look perfect. Keep showing up.

What’s Coming to Meet Us

King of Pentacles

The resilience of the earth is remarkable. Sacred compost (aka death ) nourishes the soil and provides an enriched foundation for new life to spring forth. We are being supported from a life web so vast and complicated…and yet simple enough to be felt by laying your body on the bare earth. If we show up to the challenges and joys, the projects that light us up, the responsibilities of caretaking our bodies… we will be met with abundant synchronicities and possibilities to change our lives for the better. This king is wise in giving every task his full attention and care. Every step you take on the path counts equally. Be sure to show up for your life, even when that means taking a break and letting your body rest.

What Work is Laid Before Us?

7 of Pentacles

This card speaks to our investments. Where are you allocating your energies? Is there any dynamic (job, friendship, partnership etc) that isn’t nourishing you? This card asks us to invest our love and attention into things that love us back. Sometimes this means taking space and re-centering. The earthy, grounding presence of this spread is really asking us to consider how we’re spending our time and energy on this earthly plane. Is it serving our highest desires and dreams? Spend some time meditating within your own inner sanctuary about what your heart is dreaming of. Show up for that work. You are worthy of your dreams, and the earth is supporting you in ways that might not be obvious.

An Energy to Meditate on

Ace of Wands

How beautiful and fitting this spread (on the first of the month) begins and ends with an ace. The aces are the beginning of an energy. I pulled this card as a kind of space-holder for the rest of the spread. What thread is being woven through the journey of the cards? What is a deeper consideration to take? The ace of Wands here is a beacon reminding us of what lights us up. It is the inception of all the fire and magick in this world. It is the unmistakable pulse of your own spirit aching to become/do/CREATE something. Through this earthy, mindful week, I invite you to take notice of the things that bring a spark of joy and fire into your being. Heed those moments as signifiers of where to put your attention. Your unique imprint in this form is a piece of history; with the right balance of grounding and the glint of fire that propels us, we can contribute to history with our own essence. Follow the golden thread.

With that I will call this a complete report. Below see a picture of my shrine to Venus who is about to go retrograde in Scorpio. I want to embrace now, more than ever, the receptive, mysterious and magnetic energy of the feminine and the feminine sexual power that has been so systemically oppressed. I feel femme-oriented people showing up around the globe to unveil themselves in all our imperfect glory. To call out our experiences as meaningful. This work is so important and I invite you to continually consider how you can use your life to help perpetuate justice for those who have been oppressed. Blessings,

Xx Morrigan Fey

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