Tarotcast for the People Sep. 24th- 30th

A new horizon, just over the edge of everything we once knew…

Hey darlings, a happy Full moon to you all and a belated happy equinox. This is the time of year when the darkness and light pervade in equal measure– drawing our attention to the polarities of existence as we experience it. With the moon (Aries) and sun (Libra) opposition, we might be feeling the juxtaposition of it all that much more acutely. So what do the cards say are in store for us this week?

Where Are We Now?

2 of Swords

Among the cosmic ruckus, earth hangs in the balance. Thrumming with work, love, heartbreak and traffic, it’s inhabitants traverse the madness, glory and boredom of their daily lives. The 2 of swords speaks to the necessity of a psychic withdrawal from the world to replenish and restore. Consider taking some time this evening to quietly contemplate where you ind yourself and maybe draw up some intentions for the full moon.

What Needs to be Transformed?

4 of Wands

Four being a number of completion (4 elements, seasons etc.) parallels nicely the current energy of this moon in its fullness. We are transforming in grand and subtle ways as the autumn unfolds. What are we choosing at this time? What’s choosing us? We need to be willing to step into the unknown and work towards something new. To begin again as the eternal student. What’s calling your name?

What Work is There to do?

Queen of Pentacles

Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth and home comes to mind with the Queen of Pentacles. She contains the mysterious quality of one who transforms a house into the welcoming brilliance of a home. This is our time to lay rock-solid foundations for the endeavors that will carry us through to the next chapter in our lives. This queen is practical, far-seeing and able to show up and bring magic to the mundane. She asks not what we think about a certain endeavor, but what we can move it along with our own hands. How can we set things into motion in the everyday?

What Resources is the Universe Offering Us?


Strength is my personal favorite card in the deck. What’s being offered to us is the inalienable sense from within that there is something incredible waiting for us on the other side of fear. There is a passion and beauty to this card- the experience of bounding into a challenge and seeing a possibility. The fire and vigor within that allows us to feel through our heart so intensely even as the mind shrinks away. What’s being offered to us is hope and a connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Where Are We Headed?

6 of Wands

The six of Wands is a magnificent offering to the temple of our greatest dreams. It is a lightening rod that siphons the electricity of our positive acts of will and draws them down into manifest form. Whatever we have thought was beyond reach can indeed be realized, if we show up to our everyday with resilience and love for what we do. Strip away all the doubt, fear and limiting beliefs that crush you into isolation and instead do what you can to view your life as meaningful and connected to the greater web of experience. However small it seems, your daily practices are evolving the positive channels on this planet. You are on your way.

Alllllright beauties it has been my pleasure again to deliver this report to you. I send my sincerest blessings and I’ll see you again next week!

Love, Morrigan

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