Tarotcast for the People Sep 15th-22nd

With soft hands feeling through the dark.. by the glimmer of a crescent moon…

Hey folks, I hope today is finding you well. I myself am in the midst of a lingering cold, and am pretty exhausted on all fronts. What better time to confer with the cards! This past week was extremely challenging, and brought to the light of day the realities of mortality, messiness of life and mystical silver linings to see us through it all.

I feel an acute call to soften at this moment. Soften around the illness I’m dealing with, make tender my mindset and try to tend with compassion to all the concerns that need attention. When things get rocky and sharp and hard, it is wisest to become gentler and more forgiving and more tender towards the self even as you feel yourself tense up in anticipation. Juxtaposition is at the heart of all; how can we love more sincerely in the face of death, pain and heartache?

Where We Find Ourselves Now:  The Hanged + The Devil


I don’t know about ya’ll but my experience this past week really shone a light on the vicious crags of mortality and made obvious the painful cycles that play out in our human lives without loving redirection. It has deposited us in the Now, and two cards popped out simeltaneously for this draw, The Hanged and The Devil. The pairing together makes for powerful introspection. The raw truth of ourselves in all our complexity is showing up and demanding acknowledgement. The painful aspects of ourselves manifest in our compulsive patterns and escapist behaviors. We all have them, whether that may be over-exercise, work, drugs, or sex, we all use things to pull us away from the truths we don’t want to sit with. For example, the truth of death, of aging and of change. The Hanged is a gentle, potent reminder to surrender to reality so we can begin to move in new ways. How can you open and reflect on the harder truths of life on earth today? How can you soften around it all?

What We’re Being Asked to Release: 6 of Swords


At this time we have a reprieve from all the outrageous, very focal action we have been navigating as of late. This is the time to rebalance, reassess and reimagine; how is it we want to be living this one sacred life of ours? How do we want to be spending our days on earth? The six of swords asks us to shed the outdated, stagnant paradigms of old and step into the vibrance of our authentic selves. Some comfortable closely held aspects will have to be released. What is saying goodbye to us now? If we can step into the truth of our heart (as damn cheesy as it sounds, I mean it!) then the path will open up. This always involves the death of some idea of who we once were. Open to the possibility of a new dimension of self.

What’s Coming Into Our Realm? King of Wands


Picture a warm, tangerine hued orb, round with hope, raising itself without hands over the edge of the earth on some lavender skied morning– birds chiming and the magic of a new day dawning on your solitary mind. The immense possibilities, the beauty of a moment in awe. That is what the King of Wands offers us. Moving into our realm is the vibrance of living from our truest desires. Of living full of love and passion even when the world tries to stamp out the untamed spirit of a wild creature. It is saying YES to what turns us on and gets us moving. It is moving towards what lights you up in whatever form that may be. It is curiosity embodied and mastered to the effect of your own unique essence made tangible. What can you do with yourself that makes your heart sing? What are you seeking?

What Do We Need To Be Working On? Knight of Pentacles


To me this card in this placement is a beautiful invitation to draw down the erratic psychic realizations we might be experiencing onto the earthly plane. How can me take deliberate daily actions to support our overall wellbeing and the development of our hearts desire? This card asks us to imbue the mundane with all the care and importance we can muster. Mindfulness is bringing the entirety of your presence to every actions you take and every where you go. This may be a good time to thoughtfully put down your phone and get your head clear on what are some next steps to moving things along. Bring magic to the everyday and watch your life transform. How can the simple act of taking a shower or biking down the street be a gift?

Where Are We Headed? Page of Cups


A beautiful trajectory for this spread, and in fact, bringing all four elements to the table with his final card. The Page of Cups, as an invitation for where we’re going, speaks to trusting the inner watery depths that we so often vilify as a problem. Our emotional body is a kind of intelligence that cuts through words into the pure spirit of matter. Let your emotions guide you towards who makes you feel at home, what makes you feel purposeful and how you want to live your life. If something hurts, listen for the source of the pain. Strive to understand yourself better– our society doesn’t promote true self knowledge. Explore what that means to you. Don’t get so swept away in the emotional body that you can’t function, but see it as an immensely important facet of yourself that needs to be understood. We are moving towards integration of all the disembodied parts of ourselves. Let it flow as comes naturally, even if it looks strange or chaotic from the outside. You know what feels right.

Well, that’s a wrap folks. This has actually made me feel alot better, and I sincerely hope something I offered you has been of service. Until next week! And ps. sorry about the delay, I have been ill and otherwise indisposed but I’m bouncing back. xoxo


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