Tarotcast, 5th-12th Sep. 2018


“As above, so below…”

At this moment in time, it feels as though we are collectively undergoing a moment of utter surrender. A laying bare of the naked truth of our struggles. Politically, environmentally, socially, personally… there is a sense of total destruction and resurrection, death and rebirth which has been constantly stirring our most mortal selves and shaking off anything that doesn’t reflect the truth of it all. The triad of eclipses, 7 celestial bodies retrograde, everything turning in on itself… it was one hell of a summer, and we all felt it in different ways.

Now in the wake of it all, a pause. A breath in the midst of the wheel of the year turning towards autumn, harvest and a change of pace. A reckoning of where we have landed, where the intense storm of summer has deposited us, (possibly far from the familiar), and what work has been laid before us as ours alone to complete. I invite you as you read this, to reflect on where your path has taken you the past three months; to observe with compassion “where” you are emotionally. Take a moment to bring space and loving awareness to this emotional realm. You have made it through to the other side.

Where Our Consciousness is NOW

10 of Swords


We have emerged from a bonafide barrage of difficulty, unforeseen obstacles, and foundational change that likely ached to endure. This has undoubtedly brought to light the mental constructs that ensnare us in times of trouble; the destructive crutches we lean on as defense mechanisms–that actually harm more than heal. In the wake of all of this change and loss and examination of our own shadow selves, there is a death of some kind to come to terms with. The death of an idea of who we were, where we were headed, or what we could rely on as our own. There’s no getting around this pain; it begs for recognition. This is what we are presented with in the moment.

What Hidden Gifts This Time Offers Us

The Universe


Ultimately, death is sacred compost that feeds and nourishes new life. The inutterable grief of our experience is capable of bringing us to our knees, and it’s from this humble position we can see clearly the fertile earth for what it is. The earth that holds us, transmutes our tears and sees us through it all. The gift emerging from this chapter is the gift of life; the magick of the circle and the possibility of what will be. In the rubble of what was, lies the truth of perfection. The universe as a self healing organism, an organism we are a microcosm of (containing all of its complexity and possibility). The wound is the place where the light enters us. We are on the precipice of something greater than our wildest dreams, for it is truly darkest before the dawn

What We Are Releasing Through This Process

The Devil


In my eyes, the Devil is the ultimate illusion; the self imposed shackles we burden ourselves with, and build upon with our negative mental constructs. This speaks to the 10 of swords–sharp knives we point in at ourselves and convince ourselves are inescapable. The appearance of this card speaks to the foundational shifts that are occurring. This isn’t surface level stuff, we are moving through changes that will alter the actual components of our being, the makeup of who we are. We are beginning to see how we imprison ourselves, and are beginning to realize we are ready to move out of these patterns.

What We Are Evolving Through

8 of Cups


The eight of cups signals stagnation that can often surround deep trauma, like an impenetrable pool of dark Scorpionic water left untouched. The nagging perception that we are not *enough* somehow. It points to relationships where we give too much of ourselves and are not replenished. It begs for movements towards loving care of the self, in whatever form you need most in that moment. This card asks us to keep moving, and to act in accordance with compassion for your innermost self. To believe in your inalienable deservence of love and care. Don’t get bogged down in the doldrums following this chaos. Just take the small, simple, purposeful actions that can move you through this stagnant energy into new possibilities.

What Can We Do To Move Through This With Grace & Ease

6 of Disks

IMG_5746I pulled this card as a clarifying addendum on how to best traverse the 8 of cups energy we are moving through. The 6 of disks speaks to the fruits of progress that have come into form via deep unshakeable confidence and love of the self. It is physical, tangible evidence of positive forward movement; proof that you are moving in the right direction and are deserving of the good that comes into your life. I see this as a beautiful positive omen and a reminder that we are never presented with more than we can handle, even when we are convinced we cannot deal with what comes up. There is abundance and love on the horizon… now is our moment to recuperate and reorient ourselves in a vibration of self belief and love. There is beauty coming our way.


Alright little loves, that’s a wrap on my first of what will become a weekly tarot report. I send all my love and blessings to you all and a genuine empathy for whatever you are experiencing at this time. Until next week,

xx Morrigan Fey



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