New Moon//Partial Solar eclipse in LEO

Has This Summer Been Scalding?



There’s already a choir of voices noting our many retrograde planets (from Mercury and Mars to Uranus…) but the gargantuan, immersive quality to this chapter is such that I feel a need to talk about it. The carefree, sunny IDEA of summer is so jarringly different than the reality of this one, it is cause for a pause. Just one lunar cycle has seen the death and birth of intensely intimate issues… paths obscured from passage by unforeseen cosmic forces, and new pockets of space freed up where before, no doorway had been. So much retrograde energy earmarked by a trio of eclipses has our consciousness contorting in to inspect itself in a very uncomfortable way.

So amidst all this chaos, today is the moment to breathe, drink a tall glass of water, and make space for the new to greet us. This new moon feels momentous even in the mundane. Drinking coffee this early afternoon and scribbling in my journal, I relish this opportunity to meet myself where I am. Messy haired, sweaty in the tropical August heat of New Orleans and very determined. I feel that we are all reflecting and revealing each other even as we untangle our own threads. Even through the challenges and exhaustion, blips of intimacy and beauty peek through. That is life, drawing us in with a seductive magnetism even as the structures we are standing on crumble beneath us.

Let me share one tool I’m utilizing right now to help manage the alarming number of concerns that need my attention. First, take a breath, and another one. Actually drink some water. Have you eaten something nutritious today? Tend to these aspects of your physical self. Once your baseline is accounted for, pull out some paper and a pen. Write out first what is true right now. Without tying emotion into the statements, write out where you are at this point in your life financially, romantically, emotionally, professionally. Just write out enough general statements to cover the overall picture. Secondly, on a separate page, write down the emotions that come up as they relate to these facts. I did mine as an emotion that accompanied each of the facts. Lastly, write up potential solutions to the issues listed on your facts page. Once again, on a fresh page, without emotion tied up in it. Try to methodically break down what could be the next right action to move you out of this issue.


Some challenges such as chronic illness, mental health, grief, or issues created by a racist, ableist, transphobic society don’t have a clear solution for you to work on. In instances where this is the case, turn towards how you can better care for yourself even in the presence of an unresolved issue.

This exercise can help move you out of the procrastination slump that so often accompanies sensory overload. Our nervous systems can only tolerate so much responsibility, difficulty and stimulation before they start to get out of whack. I feel that by utilizing a simple logic based technique to suss out what the actual issue is, APART from the emotional response, we can start to uncover the next steps that will move us through this obstacle. Life is a spiral, and through this flow we experience the full spectrum of sadness and joy, success and failure winding and dancing around each other. It is important, at times, to take a step back and acknowledge that this too, shall pass. The sooner we acknowledge the reality of where we are, we can begin to move towards resolution.

So with this, I bid you a happy conclusion to this eclipse season, and a glorious new moon! many blessings, morrigan fey

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