CAN U FEEL IT MR KRABS: full moon eclipse in Aquarius

Hot dog, it’s been a week. A winding, treacherous, soul-aching week, complete with a crushed finger and 101 degree weather. To say the least this eclipse/Mercury (and Neptune, and Saturn, and Venus and Mars and…) retrograde fusion is throwing some major curveballs into the mix.

With ALL this retrograde energy, these many dimensions of self are being turned inside out for inspection. Our perceptions, our vitality/action, the way in which we relate, the way we practice escapism, its all laid out naked to be tested for defects.

Constantly in life I am reminded that force is not the way, at least not for me. That’s not to say passion is dismissed from my arsenal, but just that any raw vibrant energy has to be harnessed and used delicately. Fiercely, but delicately. Burnout is inevitable and failure is certain, at least sometimes. How do we respond to obstacles, to our own weaknesses? Consider these uncomfortable dimensions an opportunity for growth.

Surrender is not about giving up– it’s about giving in to the truth of what we need as beings. To surrender is to nurture our hopes and dreams with love over time, instead of trying to shove the desired outcome, lopsided and exhausted into the now when it isn’t ready yet.

Surrender is sitting with your traumas and aches and pains and paying attention when something hurts, instead of getting on the internet to zone out or inhaling a pizza to mute the intensity. It’s acknowledging the reality of our sensory experience and adjusting behavior accordingly.

Surrender is serving your most neglected inner self. The one that wants love and appreciation and to be happy. There is truly nothing sappy or romanticized about that– it’s actually more courageous to acknowledge that stifled self than to block it out to avoid feeling the reality.

Perhaps the week is going swimmingly for you, or maybe it’s been exhausting and filled with disappointments. In any case I invite you to disconnect for an evening, away from the internet and your roommates or family members or any other compelling distractions. Tune in to discover what you need to fill your cup up, and do that thing.

One more eclipse to go in his series, on August 11th. Until then, blessings

xx morrigan fey

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