Travel Tools

Hey y’all, hope the day finds you well. Since I’ve managed travel a fair bit and have utilized all the budget friendly tools available, I have a pretty comprehensive sense of how to “get and stay gone.”

*It’s worth noting that though I’m queer, I’m still white, cis and able-bodied woman, so I have had more ease than marginalized folks (differently abled, LGBT folks, POC, etc). But it’s also worth noting I’ve met people of all walks of life while traveling and that I believe travel can be augmented to be possible no matter what!


#1 is

workaway is an online platform that connects “hosts” (folks who provide a compendium of volunteer opportunities) to volunteers, usually with some form of exchange such as room and board. You create a profile, list your skill sets and peruse the offerings and contact the hosts directly to apply for the position. This platform has SO much possibility and can provide a place to stay and food to eat when you’re trying to stretch a $ and maybe want to learn a new skill! Everything from house sitting, building/constructing/farming/landscaping, hospitality, art projects, caretaking, language/culture exchange and more. This platform opens the door to traveling cheaply and with greater depth. It’s also convenient to see the profile online and see if it’s the kind of people/environment you’d want to work with, and cater to your own tastes, also to make sure the space is LGBT supportive, etc. Membership is in the 30$/range annually and it’s a service I’ve used many times.


Basic online service that allows you to book lodging cheaply online before hand. Quality varies, but the review system gives you a sense of the value you receive for your money. A basic tool that can make travel more easeful. *free to join


This offering has been, in my experience, a major hit or miss. As a young, female solo traveler it can be daunting staying in a strangers home especially when many more men offer up homes than women, statistically. You need to be careful and wise, it’s always best to travel with a buddy and maybe not the best option for a first time traveler. This is more of a last resort, however I have had some great experiences with in mixed in with some terrible ones. *free to join


Hitch at your own risk! It’s NOT for everyone! That being said I still believe in the possibility of hitching as a viable mode of travel for the adventurous person. Always exercise caution, DONT get in the car with anyone that makes you uncomfortable and be extra careful if you’re female/femme oriented. DO YOUR RESEARCH, on the region, customs etc. There’s some great content by solo female hitchhikers going through places even in the Middle East etc. that being said they acknowledge a western privilege in those spaces. Nonetheless, people are doing incredible things all the time and I think it’s okay to think outside the box. Lots of info and content here although is can have a male-centric tone at times.

*free to join


This is a more alternative resource with tons of varied information about all kinds of different ways to subside outside the norm. Info on dumpster diving, skill trade, equipment reviews for the full time traveler or homeless person… take what you need and leave the rest y’all.

*free to join

I have travelled in Europe; Portugal, France, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy. Guatemala and Mexico. Egypt in the Middle East, India and Thailand in the Far East. I have travelled almost everywhere but Spain and France entirely alone as a young woman without much money. Still so much more to see and more resources to list but here is a basic starter kit that can get you thinking. Many blessings xx

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