Grounding Practices

I am an airy, fiery kind of person, (Gemini sun, Sag rising…) with a lot of imagination, daring and playfulness. However, it takes conscious effort on my part to ground down all this erratic energy into the dense plane of our material world. To slow down my thoughts to meet the pace of my body, et cetera. To practice patience, stability and commitment.

Some of the ways I’ve found to sink into this more earthy, grounded energy is to mark the passage of time. I journal almost every day, always noting the lunar phases and trying to draw myself into awareness of the ebbs and flows. I highly recommend trying out this practice, as it quickly becomes enjoyable and a way to get all of the rapid fire thoughts down on paper and grounded in reality.

Another mode is in tending to my altar weekly. Always getting fresh cut flowers at home in a vase, cleaning the surface and refreshing the water offering, cleaning off the ash of residual incense and sage… simply showing up each week and tending in this way grounds me into the moment, so key for folks who find themselves very in their own heads.

I make sure to hang out with my houseplants too, water them, admire them and spend a little time enjoying their beauty and growth. Deliberately slowing down and enjoying the mundane, mortal, daily stuff is incredibly helpful for me to get grounded. Even just taking a moment to stretch, lay on the ground and let the earth hold me for a moment, and possibly setting down my phone out of my reach can have tremendous benefits.

What are some ways you practice getting grounded? This reflection has always helped me to tune into the wisdom of slowing down and living in the moment.

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