Integration on Koh Phangan

“Maybe I should head to another Vipassana…” thinks a woman who has clearly lost her mind, aka, me. One month between Vipassana is not enough time to recuperate! Upon some self reflection (and seeing all the courses in Thailand were booked ha), I decided to do what a sane human being would– and go on vacation.

So here I am on the westward side of the island of Koh Phangan taking some time to feel into my experience. I have a mind in constant whirlwind, always plotting the next thing. This is an aspect of self I’m learning to sit with and encourage more slowness around. To just be in the moment, heed the subtle messages coming from within and allow space.

After much research into the philosophy and methodology of habit, I’m feeling sufficiently grounded to show up for my morning routine. Taking time and space for yourself first thing encourages a reflective instead of reactive mind state. It signals to the subconscious you’re willing to do The Work. You are setting into motion your own success for the day.

For me this looks like waking up, ignoring my phone and brushing my teeth. Drink a glass of water. Practice krippalavarti (fire breath), meditating for a half hour, some asanas and maybe strength work. Then dance practice.

Journaling is also a very important facet of my process, but I like the freedom of doing it whenever I like. Maybe when I take a coffee, maybe at the beach, maybe under the covers at night like a kid.

It occurred to me that this steady, consistent work is the stuff of tangible change. It creates space for the needs of your “self” to show up and make themselves clear. You can’t race through your day chasing pleasure and responsibility without taking time to check in, and expect to be in clear conversation with your inner voice.

A daily routine is the intermediary between the mystical and practical. It’s the sweet spot where anyone can incite a shift, no occultism required (but pepper in some magic as you please 😉 ).

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