A month in Palolem

After diverting from the path to stay in Cairo (and the possibility of expending all my resources learning more about Egyptian dance), I found myself in India.

Post Vipassana the possibility of heading to a yoga teacher training became increasingly real. The need, profound. After shaking up the inside of my own skull I needed to step out of my mind for an extended moment and get into my body. Thus began this leg of the journey into self, and origins of yogic philosophy.

Something as vast and deep as Yoga isn’t really designed to be compressed into 28 days of learning. But after the fact, I feel sincerely equipped to begin teaching and intent on furthering my knowledge. The training was an invitation to turn inwards– even the seemingly mundane aspects of communal living and packed schedule that comprised our days invited introspection.

Upon reflection I feel struck by how the everyday thrum of life presents such limitless opportunity for self study and growth. So much of the yogic philosophy is centered on turning inwards and approaching life with awareness and discipline. Even just in passing conversations, in daily rituals and the way you consume food there is so much room to slow down, be present and actively work on your own tendencies to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

I feel such gratitude for undergoing this journey and being reminded once again in different terms, that I am the master of my reaction to life and I have immense power to incite change. The most palpable and spontaneous changes occur from your perception, from your active intervention in life.

This month really strengthened my resolve to continue working on my interior landscape. Questioning my own motives and seeing where I have tricked myself out of my power. Learning to be compassionate with myself as a I learn and grow, and extend that outwards to the world at large. It allowed me to transform my intention to a deeper calling; to follow the path that I know to be my evolution at work.

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