Tarot for New Moon in Aquarius

Photo By Gather Yoga

Dark moon time again already. An invitation to check in; to tune into the more subtle truths lurking beneath the surface and adjust my sails accordingly.

Post-Vipassana so much change is afoot in my internal landscape. I’ve been feeling drawn to not wear makeup, to scale down on my possessions and simplify simplify simplify. I was awakened to how much self criticism I’ve been generating over the years. A lot of self-worth in relation to my appearance has come up.

So I’m jiving with that, really trying to meet myself where I’m at and practice feeling authentic without the material crutches I have leaned on for so long.

Outside of that scope, the Phone has been a point of concern for much too long. So I’m on hiatus from fb and instagram for this cycle, to get more in touch with my awareness moment to moment. This is an ongoing issue and one I continue to keep in mind as I walk (and dance!) through my life.

A final point of focus is in integrating daily rituals. Establishing the practices that sustain me and bring me joy and fulfillment. Not a laundry list day-to day, but a couple of practices that connect me with my passion (dance) and my need to recalibrate (mediation).


My draw this new moon was centered on release and was an invitation from Lindsay Mack’s Sacred Wheel offering. See lindsaymack.com for more information.

What am I being asked to release? What needs to die this cycle?

The lovers

How can I release this in the most graceful way possible?

9 of cups (happiness)

What am I invoking and bringing forth this cycle?

Lust (strength)

How can I be gentle with myself during this transition?

2 disks (change)

Yesss. A lot to feel out here! Both Lust and 2 of Disks were in my last four card spread, so it’s quite clear that I need to heed those messages.

At first glance, The Lovers as what I need to release seemed confusing. But on closer inspection the message came into focus. What should be released, is the need for external validation. The thirst to be acknowledged outside myself; for self-love not to be enough. I need to let go of this self admonishment, self hatred and criticism which has become ingrained in my thought processes. It can happen so quickly sometimes I almost don’t notice! The first step is becoming aware of my thoughts in the present. The Lovers invites me practice self love, to become my own greatest partner as I move through this phase.

9 of cups. Ah, what a sweet drink of water. Abundance! Appreciation of the blessings and being tuned into how much love is woven into our world. Of course, things are also dark, challenging and painful. But this card invites me to be grateful for all the love that is available, all the miracles that are manifest. This card tells me to show gratitude and to be receptive to love and beauty in the world as I shed what no loner serves.

Then, Lust (Strength in other decks). I’ve always had a predilection for this card. In my Thoth deck the imagery is so beautiful and the energy of the girl, unafraid, opening the jaws of the lion speaks to me in some magical way. This card begs for enthusiasm, bravery, passion for life and really living in the moment. To show up authentically and brimming with courage and the knowledge you have what you need to move through life.

Finally, 2 of disks. Not necessarily a gentle card, but there are ways to shift as gracefully as possible. This card reminds me that change is taking place, this is a pivotal point on my path and I should embrace the death of what needs to go. The anger, bitterness and wavering of self confidence are ready to go. This message invites me to step into my responsibility and uphold the practices that bring color to my life and peace to my mind.

Trying not to be too long winded here! This post is simeltaneously an archive of my journey (which perhaps speaks to you on your path!) an invitation to slow down this lunar phase, and my take on this tarot spread.

Sending sooo much love to you for wherever you are on your path. This is a transformative time and endings are always the gateways to new beginnings. All the best 🌹

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