New Moon In Capricorn

Khan eh Khalili market in Cairo.. finding stillness in the beautiful chaos.

Dark moon… the time for sowing seeds– for looking within and articulating how you want to readjust for the next lunar phase.

What has your body been communicating to you during this cycle? What’s been working? What has not?

I like to set some time apart for introspection on the new moon. To hear what my inner voice is saying so I can thoughtfully set intentions for the next period.

Sometimes it takes acknowledging your needs over your wants.

All geared up for the new year, I have been planning and doing and traveling and learning… but it has felt like a lot. I’ve been exhausted physically which in turn, drained me emotionally. I didn’t understand–isn’t Capricorn the sign of achievement, of work and planning? Shouldn’t I be energized and ready to work?

It took a couple days, but the answer became clear. Instead of working on the outside of my life (goals, achievements, work, success), what I need right now is dedicated time for the inside (emotional upkeep, growth, being not doing, expanding self worth).

I had to acknowledge my needs over my wants.

My goals and aspirations will still be there afterwards, but for now I’m off to India for a 10 day vipassana retreat, (these are free and available all over he globe @ Away from the chaotic thrum of the city, to a place tucked away in the wilderness.

This new moon I’m aiming to listen to my inner self, nourish my body and get to the root of the fatigue by showing up for my physical and spiritual needs

Life doesn’t always happen exactly the way we envision it. Full schedules, lists and goals can be overwhelming and less-than nourishing. But by heeding the body wisdom (knowing), that is available to us, we actually move more gracefully in the direction we want to be.

Blessings on your journey xx

View from the balcony while journaling

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