vignette to evoke


By now, darkness settles over the scene. The sun having long ago slipped into its descent; a nightly reprieve. Through the blinds, fateful slats of moonlight edge in. We are seated at the vintage kitchen table she brought home years ago, both familiar and painful. We occupy a liminal space-the pause between two points- totally immersed in the nowehereness we found ourselves. You, her lover, and I, her daughter, both sitting in the matching chairs that formed a set with this sentimental, formica-inlay, kitchen table.

You found her body the night she died, a murderous self-imposed act of passion and raw gut spilling loneliness in the small, downstairs bathroom. The shape of that moment haunts my mind like a wretched spectre and marks its fateful ‘x’ on my heart. I have finally summoned the courage, more than a year later, to come thumb through her possessions, claim my modest inheritance, and inhabit for the last time the place where my mother lived and died.

The visceral experience of being in the house for those days was unlike anything else I had lived through; at once a dreamscape and hair-raisingly real… So sincerely eerie and excruciatingly sentimental. The loss was so acute it clamored invisibly, begging for acknowledgement among her stacks of books and framed 80’s comic book fan art. The spirit of her lanky form hung amongst the drapes and yet answered to no call.

Here at the opalescent and wood patterned table (with a seam running lengthwise through the center) we are huddled, somehow in perfect indigo solitude. A stout bottle of merlot, frankly uncorked and residual on our glasses, rests between us. Alongside it, a faded pack of american spirits, a black vinyl ashtray and lighter. You tell me stories. Taking her on your expedition around the world (to test nodes in different locations that would later be sent to space? NASA stuff) the two of you found yourselves in Brazil. She, being crafty and persistent and with an eye for detail, found the villa in Rio at the summit of the steep steeple of the city. In perfect midnight, stars lit flamboyantly above, (you tell me), the two of you sit in a jacuzzi sheathed in steam and drinking wine naked and laughing at the cosmic splendor of a moment in time.

You reminisice at how she ripped out the old plumbing in the house you bought together, (where we currently sit) and taught herself how to install it all by the book… only later in the evening to wash the grout off her hands and nimbly run fingertips along the seam of a corset she was designing. The multiplicity, the tenacity, the uncommon edge she had. The sniper-specific precision, hell raising throttle and inhumanly intense caring that animated her person. She was a blade. She was a feline. And now she was a ghost.

This moment found the two of us utterly immersed in the darkness of the night, shamelessly indulging in cigarettes and wistfully naming her. Evoking her; calling her form to question in order to quell something in our hearts which could not be helped. Her name was Xmas—Christmas. She named herself; she was that kind of woman. Splitting the rule book down its seam and harvesting the raw materials for a new prototype. Recollecting this scene, and simultaneously containing the DNA of this insane flame (since burned out) I am torn to pieces and born anew. Constantly in this lifetime, having been birthed through this person, i am swaddled in the ashes of a phoenixes wake— to redefine meaning for myself. 

I haven’t thought of this moment in years (five years now since she left), and here I am thumbing its utterance into form in the dead of night in November. Some etching of a memory that needs rekindling now. I let myself be moved. This moment in time, the subtle beams of moonlight illuminating the faces of Rob and I (at that kitchen table)— it was so human and yet ethereal. Something palpably mortal and also beyond the realms of usual human experience. This juxtaposition was like her essence incarnate— complex and impossible and personal. Drifting past the veil momentarily, as I traipse through the underbrush of the world in my adult life. Twenty-two and armed with enough experience of death not to fear it. Not to fear anything anymore, except allowing the days to slip by without waking up to it all.

I don’t know what it means. I have seen glimpses. But when I get extremely quiet I can feel the pulse of meaning, shrouded in mystery, and I have learned to respect that and not need to spell it out. Instead casting love spells for a destiny that will forever be changed and made deeper by the sprawling, irrevocable love conjured at midnight sitting at the vintage kitchen table.

-Morrigan Fey Alley

Moonlight musing

A deep chill has settled over the south, and with it tendrils of tension dissolve into the not-knowing. Dimensions of the inner landscape corrugate and flake off; rust to dust into other scarlet nothings. Every day you leave tiny traces of your presence behind. A footprint, dented duvet, crumbs at a solitary table. Curious thoughts train behind you from passers-by. The molten formula of change is always working its charms on us…

And so, so what? All the questioning, the habitual happenings, what is it revealing? Who is reflected in the blade we’re unsheathing? Pain is the lightest brush from the void and the intermission from the sidelines of the set of ourselves. In this vulgar, subtle hologram who are we discovering? Are we coming closer to knowing who we are?

Getting out of the head and into the body. Even if that only means animating fingertips to dance my thoughts out across this screen. Actualize, physicalize, materialize. Experiment with the calling of your curiosity. What wants to come through?

Death hurts. As facets of your identity fall away to reveal new, higher-def reality downloads, there is a mourning. For what was and no longer is. What a human experience, to watch the beauty bloom and change and leave the room. The mystery keeps on revealing herself through us.

Humble, and eager and tired, we allow ourselves to surrender to the flow.

Tarotcast for the people Oct 1st-7th

Rooting into the mysteries of the fertile ground, and allowing our form to evolve

Good afternoon lovelies. It’s a rainy autumn afternoon here in New Orleans, and I’m feeling withdrawn in the simplest and sweetest way today. It has been an emotionally demanding week, with the Kavanaugh exposure and the incessant responsibilities of day-to-day life. I myself have needed extra time to sleep, rest and just be quiet with myself. Please hug, make time for and listen to your femme friends in these days. In any case, I am so grateful to be at the foot of the magical and transformative month of October. The pain and beauty of life and death is present now, if only we can slow down to bear witness to it all.

Energetics of the present moment

Ace of Pentacles

More so than any other card in the deck, I feel this to be a true SEED. Physical, spherical, dense with all the possibility of life; a seed waiting for the conditions to emerge that will nourish it into its full expression. We are learning to show up to what we love with persistence; slowly grounding our dreams into the physical world with deliberation. Now, on the crux of this new month, we are invited to see the shape of our work take form.

What We Are Releasing

Knight of Swords

The time for rapidity, precision and lightening quick linguistic alchemy is receding into the background. Now– even if it’s slow, lumbering and not perfectly precise, we use our physical bodies to show up to ourselves and our responsibilities. The time for talking and rapid fire thinking/plotting has passed away… today let’s try to embody what we are seeking, even if at first it doesn’t look perfect. Keep showing up.

What’s Coming to Meet Us

King of Pentacles

The resilience of the earth is remarkable. Sacred compost (aka death ) nourishes the soil and provides an enriched foundation for new life to spring forth. We are being supported from a life web so vast and complicated…and yet simple enough to be felt by laying your body on the bare earth. If we show up to the challenges and joys, the projects that light us up, the responsibilities of caretaking our bodies… we will be met with abundant synchronicities and possibilities to change our lives for the better. This king is wise in giving every task his full attention and care. Every step you take on the path counts equally. Be sure to show up for your life, even when that means taking a break and letting your body rest.

What Work is Laid Before Us?

7 of Pentacles

This card speaks to our investments. Where are you allocating your energies? Is there any dynamic (job, friendship, partnership etc) that isn’t nourishing you? This card asks us to invest our love and attention into things that love us back. Sometimes this means taking space and re-centering. The earthy, grounding presence of this spread is really asking us to consider how we’re spending our time and energy on this earthly plane. Is it serving our highest desires and dreams? Spend some time meditating within your own inner sanctuary about what your heart is dreaming of. Show up for that work. You are worthy of your dreams, and the earth is supporting you in ways that might not be obvious.

An Energy to Meditate on

Ace of Wands

How beautiful and fitting this spread (on the first of the month) begins and ends with an ace. The aces are the beginning of an energy. I pulled this card as a kind of space-holder for the rest of the spread. What thread is being woven through the journey of the cards? What is a deeper consideration to take? The ace of Wands here is a beacon reminding us of what lights us up. It is the inception of all the fire and magick in this world. It is the unmistakable pulse of your own spirit aching to become/do/CREATE something. Through this earthy, mindful week, I invite you to take notice of the things that bring a spark of joy and fire into your being. Heed those moments as signifiers of where to put your attention. Your unique imprint in this form is a piece of history; with the right balance of grounding and the glint of fire that propels us, we can contribute to history with our own essence. Follow the golden thread.

With that I will call this a complete report. Below see a picture of my shrine to Venus who is about to go retrograde in Scorpio. I want to embrace now, more than ever, the receptive, mysterious and magnetic energy of the feminine and the feminine sexual power that has been so systemically oppressed. I feel femme-oriented people showing up around the globe to unveil themselves in all our imperfect glory. To call out our experiences as meaningful. This work is so important and I invite you to continually consider how you can use your life to help perpetuate justice for those who have been oppressed. Blessings,

Xx Morrigan Fey

Decolonize your Craft: Dismantling Patriarchal White Supremacy

From Cristy C. Road’s Next World Tarot

The Personal IS Political.

What we experience and how we move through the world is inextricably entwined with a larger socio-political reality. Our lives are informed by the intersections of race, class, gender and politics. As a white woman, it is my responsibility to actively educate myself about the structures of patriarchal white supremacy, and take action in every area of my life to dismantle it’s grip (also, to open a dialogue with white folks about our responsibility to use white privilege to increase visibility for marginalized people).

This becomes of increasing importance in so-called “spiritual” circles of all varieties, where spiritual bypassing allows for avoidance of difficult conversations about the realities of racism, transphobia, ableism and cultural appropriation. There is a ton to unpack here; in a community that engages with the invisible, magickal realm there is a glaring tendency to avoid looking at the concrete reality that is manifest in our day-to-day experience. Today in Amerikkka, POC are policed, killed and incarcerated in staggering numbers. Transphobia rears it’s ugly head and is reflected in legislation that prevents differently-gendered people from access to the same liberties as cis folks. Ableism lurks in nearly all mainstream media, and has since it’s inception. I am confident this isn’t news to anyone reading this post.

However it is my (and many others who have wrote extensively on the subject) belief that the time is now to integrate intersectional* feminism into the fabric of our magickal practices. To actively decolonize our witchcraft, our altars, and our lives.

* 1. intersectionality is a term coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw. The basic premise states that “a person’s experience cannot be understood separately, each category and context must be examined together to see the interactions of different identities. Basically, intersectionality studies the intersections of forms or systems of oppression, domination and discrimination”.


As a white person living on stolen land, I believe it is wise to begin by unravelling the presence of cultural appropriation*(4) in these circles.

3. “Cultural appropriation is the process by which a member of a dominant culture takes or uses (appropriates) aspects of another culture (often a colonised culture) without that culture’s permission and/or without any understanding of the deeper cultural meanings behind the appropriated item.”

An article on (*2) smartly outlines the realities of white oppression of the Native Peoples of this land since Columbus’s arrival and the initiation of colonialism. You can observe this in the colonial outlawing of the right of native peoples to engage in their spiritual practices, or use of their ceremonial items, until it was overturned in 1978 (google the American Indian Religious Freedom Act for more information), made even more painful by capitalism swallowing up sacred practices such as smudging with white sage and selling it to white audiences via avenues such as Sephora’s Starter Witch Kit seen below.

*2. Sephora has since pulled this product from the shelves, however its presence in 2018 outlines the deeply entrenched and devouring nature of capitalistic cultural appropriation

I grew up in a household that used white sage for smudging purposes and it has only recently come to my attention that this is a blatant example of appropriating native cultures. Now that white sage is available at establishments such as Whole Foods, it is entering the public sphere– and with increasing visibility comes increasing consumption. This is a perfect example of why continually checking yourself and updating behavior is key. Don’t become so engulfed in guilt (read, white fragility) to apologize, and change. There are other herbs to burn that aren’t held in sacred regard by a marginalized people, and maybe you can even connect with your own roots and discover plants sacred to your ancestors. (Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster compassionately outlines ways to decolonize your craft and i highly recommend her podcast episode on DFB,  see sources *3).


This is only one example of the destructive presence of white supremacy on native peoples in Witchy/spiritual circles. As people who purport to make sacred daily life on this planet, and support interactions with nature and the great mysteries, it is our keen responsibility to dismantle the patriarchy within our own practices. This is not an escape from the “real world”; there’s no sense in practicing magick if you can’t expand justice for all people in the process. An enlightening article by Toshia Shaw explores her experience at a very white, spiritual event as a Black woman who is also a spiritual practicioner. The experience of being “othered,” questioned and disbelieved even as white folks around her regurgitate elements of a culture not their own.


From Cristy C. Road’s Next World Tarot

From her article, (*4) “New Age spirituality just like religion has a racist divide. It amazes me that the people who are writing books, manuals, and how-to’s about being at peace, do no harm, and unconditional love are not referring to my spirit, only that of someone who looks like theirs.” This really delves into the heart of the issue. How can one speak about being “spiritual” and be a “healer” when their words are only meant for a white audience? It doesn’t line up. We have to actively question and discredit voices that refuse to dismantle patriarchal white supremacy in these communities.

In so many spheres, there is a pronounced absence of the voices of POC, non gender conforming folks and differently-abled people. Next time you are attending a workshop, conference, event, class etc. and notice a pronounced absence of different kinds of people, speak up. Lets try and make these healing spaces as welcoming to people of all backgrounds as possible. If we want to dismantle rape culture, white supremacy and all the oppressive constructs that affect our lives, we need to start looking in our own backyards.

One of the most eloquent and to the core pieces I consistently turn to for enlightenment on this topic is one article by Layla F. Saad (*5) titled, I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One).” In it she details the experience of working with the healing/witchy community and seeing the presence of a disconnect from the overarching issues of social justice.

You did not create white supremacy. But you benefit from it every day because of the white skin you were born in. Even if you don’t want your privilege, you still have it, because white supremacy exists and is the dominant paradigm of places like the US, the UK, Europe and Australia. As a white person, you have the privilege of being able to say, ‘high vibes only’ and ‘I don’t follow the news because it’s too political’ and ‘I just want to focus on love and light’. This is not okay. And it’s up to you to do your part to dismantle white supremacy, *5)

One reason I consider myself a Witch isn’t for the fun aesthetic, the buzz, or to name an experience of not fitting in in grade school… I practice because it’s an empowering stance to take towards life. It uplifts the experiences of femme people and provides tools to practice self inquiry and to heal ourselves of traumas endured in this challenging human incarnation. It is about female power, reveling in our differences and celebrating femininity and the intuitive lunar essence that is so often othered in our linear, patriarchal, capitalist society. But this kind of a lifestyle isn’t compatible with a “look the other way” mentality. We are living in a world that is facing the uprising of a new wave of Neo Nazis. Black and Brown folks, and Trans and differently gendered people are being systemically oppressed and killed in our communities. Any and every measure we can take is absolutely essential to the dissolution of these scary power structures.

It’s time to shift the image of “what a witch looks like” to include folx of all orientations, races, abilities and backgrounds. We are all here, in every iteration, and want to shift this global experience to a more just and hospitable place for us all.


SOURCES/Required Reading!






Tarotcast for the People Sep. 24th- 30th

A new horizon, just over the edge of everything we once knew…

Hey darlings, a happy Full moon to you all and a belated happy equinox. This is the time of year when the darkness and light pervade in equal measure– drawing our attention to the polarities of existence as we experience it. With the moon (Aries) and sun (Libra) opposition, we might be feeling the juxtaposition of it all that much more acutely. So what do the cards say are in store for us this week?

Where Are We Now?

2 of Swords

Among the cosmic ruckus, earth hangs in the balance. Thrumming with work, love, heartbreak and traffic, it’s inhabitants traverse the madness, glory and boredom of their daily lives. The 2 of swords speaks to the necessity of a psychic withdrawal from the world to replenish and restore. Consider taking some time this evening to quietly contemplate where you ind yourself and maybe draw up some intentions for the full moon.

What Needs to be Transformed?

4 of Wands

Four being a number of completion (4 elements, seasons etc.) parallels nicely the current energy of this moon in its fullness. We are transforming in grand and subtle ways as the autumn unfolds. What are we choosing at this time? What’s choosing us? We need to be willing to step into the unknown and work towards something new. To begin again as the eternal student. What’s calling your name?

What Work is There to do?

Queen of Pentacles

Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth and home comes to mind with the Queen of Pentacles. She contains the mysterious quality of one who transforms a house into the welcoming brilliance of a home. This is our time to lay rock-solid foundations for the endeavors that will carry us through to the next chapter in our lives. This queen is practical, far-seeing and able to show up and bring magic to the mundane. She asks not what we think about a certain endeavor, but what we can move it along with our own hands. How can we set things into motion in the everyday?

What Resources is the Universe Offering Us?


Strength is my personal favorite card in the deck. What’s being offered to us is the inalienable sense from within that there is something incredible waiting for us on the other side of fear. There is a passion and beauty to this card- the experience of bounding into a challenge and seeing a possibility. The fire and vigor within that allows us to feel through our heart so intensely even as the mind shrinks away. What’s being offered to us is hope and a connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Where Are We Headed?

6 of Wands

The six of Wands is a magnificent offering to the temple of our greatest dreams. It is a lightening rod that siphons the electricity of our positive acts of will and draws them down into manifest form. Whatever we have thought was beyond reach can indeed be realized, if we show up to our everyday with resilience and love for what we do. Strip away all the doubt, fear and limiting beliefs that crush you into isolation and instead do what you can to view your life as meaningful and connected to the greater web of experience. However small it seems, your daily practices are evolving the positive channels on this planet. You are on your way.

Alllllright beauties it has been my pleasure again to deliver this report to you. I send my sincerest blessings and I’ll see you again next week!

Love, Morrigan

Tarotcast for the People Sep 15th-22nd

With soft hands feeling through the dark.. by the glimmer of a crescent moon…

Hey folks, I hope today is finding you well. I myself am in the midst of a lingering cold, and am pretty exhausted on all fronts. What better time to confer with the cards! This past week was extremely challenging, and brought to the light of day the realities of mortality, messiness of life and mystical silver linings to see us through it all.

I feel an acute call to soften at this moment. Soften around the illness I’m dealing with, make tender my mindset and try to tend with compassion to all the concerns that need attention. When things get rocky and sharp and hard, it is wisest to become gentler and more forgiving and more tender towards the self even as you feel yourself tense up in anticipation. Juxtaposition is at the heart of all; how can we love more sincerely in the face of death, pain and heartache?

Where We Find Ourselves Now:  The Hanged + The Devil


I don’t know about ya’ll but my experience this past week really shone a light on the vicious crags of mortality and made obvious the painful cycles that play out in our human lives without loving redirection. It has deposited us in the Now, and two cards popped out simeltaneously for this draw, The Hanged and The Devil. The pairing together makes for powerful introspection. The raw truth of ourselves in all our complexity is showing up and demanding acknowledgement. The painful aspects of ourselves manifest in our compulsive patterns and escapist behaviors. We all have them, whether that may be over-exercise, work, drugs, or sex, we all use things to pull us away from the truths we don’t want to sit with. For example, the truth of death, of aging and of change. The Hanged is a gentle, potent reminder to surrender to reality so we can begin to move in new ways. How can you open and reflect on the harder truths of life on earth today? How can you soften around it all?

What We’re Being Asked to Release: 6 of Swords


At this time we have a reprieve from all the outrageous, very focal action we have been navigating as of late. This is the time to rebalance, reassess and reimagine; how is it we want to be living this one sacred life of ours? How do we want to be spending our days on earth? The six of swords asks us to shed the outdated, stagnant paradigms of old and step into the vibrance of our authentic selves. Some comfortable closely held aspects will have to be released. What is saying goodbye to us now? If we can step into the truth of our heart (as damn cheesy as it sounds, I mean it!) then the path will open up. This always involves the death of some idea of who we once were. Open to the possibility of a new dimension of self.

What’s Coming Into Our Realm? King of Wands


Picture a warm, tangerine hued orb, round with hope, raising itself without hands over the edge of the earth on some lavender skied morning– birds chiming and the magic of a new day dawning on your solitary mind. The immense possibilities, the beauty of a moment in awe. That is what the King of Wands offers us. Moving into our realm is the vibrance of living from our truest desires. Of living full of love and passion even when the world tries to stamp out the untamed spirit of a wild creature. It is saying YES to what turns us on and gets us moving. It is moving towards what lights you up in whatever form that may be. It is curiosity embodied and mastered to the effect of your own unique essence made tangible. What can you do with yourself that makes your heart sing? What are you seeking?

What Do We Need To Be Working On? Knight of Pentacles


To me this card in this placement is a beautiful invitation to draw down the erratic psychic realizations we might be experiencing onto the earthly plane. How can me take deliberate daily actions to support our overall wellbeing and the development of our hearts desire? This card asks us to imbue the mundane with all the care and importance we can muster. Mindfulness is bringing the entirety of your presence to every actions you take and every where you go. This may be a good time to thoughtfully put down your phone and get your head clear on what are some next steps to moving things along. Bring magic to the everyday and watch your life transform. How can the simple act of taking a shower or biking down the street be a gift?

Where Are We Headed? Page of Cups


A beautiful trajectory for this spread, and in fact, bringing all four elements to the table with his final card. The Page of Cups, as an invitation for where we’re going, speaks to trusting the inner watery depths that we so often vilify as a problem. Our emotional body is a kind of intelligence that cuts through words into the pure spirit of matter. Let your emotions guide you towards who makes you feel at home, what makes you feel purposeful and how you want to live your life. If something hurts, listen for the source of the pain. Strive to understand yourself better– our society doesn’t promote true self knowledge. Explore what that means to you. Don’t get so swept away in the emotional body that you can’t function, but see it as an immensely important facet of yourself that needs to be understood. We are moving towards integration of all the disembodied parts of ourselves. Let it flow as comes naturally, even if it looks strange or chaotic from the outside. You know what feels right.

Well, that’s a wrap folks. This has actually made me feel alot better, and I sincerely hope something I offered you has been of service. Until next week! And ps. sorry about the delay, I have been ill and otherwise indisposed but I’m bouncing back. xoxo


Tarotcast, 5th-12th Sep. 2018


“As above, so below…”

At this moment in time, it feels as though we are collectively undergoing a moment of utter surrender. A laying bare of the naked truth of our struggles. Politically, environmentally, socially, personally… there is a sense of total destruction and resurrection, death and rebirth which has been constantly stirring our most mortal selves and shaking off anything that doesn’t reflect the truth of it all. The triad of eclipses, 7 celestial bodies retrograde, everything turning in on itself… it was one hell of a summer, and we all felt it in different ways.

Now in the wake of it all, a pause. A breath in the midst of the wheel of the year turning towards autumn, harvest and a change of pace. A reckoning of where we have landed, where the intense storm of summer has deposited us, (possibly far from the familiar), and what work has been laid before us as ours alone to complete. I invite you as you read this, to reflect on where your path has taken you the past three months; to observe with compassion “where” you are emotionally. Take a moment to bring space and loving awareness to this emotional realm. You have made it through to the other side.

Where Our Consciousness is NOW

10 of Swords


We have emerged from a bonafide barrage of difficulty, unforeseen obstacles, and foundational change that likely ached to endure. This has undoubtedly brought to light the mental constructs that ensnare us in times of trouble; the destructive crutches we lean on as defense mechanisms–that actually harm more than heal. In the wake of all of this change and loss and examination of our own shadow selves, there is a death of some kind to come to terms with. The death of an idea of who we were, where we were headed, or what we could rely on as our own. There’s no getting around this pain; it begs for recognition. This is what we are presented with in the moment.

What Hidden Gifts This Time Offers Us

The Universe


Ultimately, death is sacred compost that feeds and nourishes new life. The inutterable grief of our experience is capable of bringing us to our knees, and it’s from this humble position we can see clearly the fertile earth for what it is. The earth that holds us, transmutes our tears and sees us through it all. The gift emerging from this chapter is the gift of life; the magick of the circle and the possibility of what will be. In the rubble of what was, lies the truth of perfection. The universe as a self healing organism, an organism we are a microcosm of (containing all of its complexity and possibility). The wound is the place where the light enters us. We are on the precipice of something greater than our wildest dreams, for it is truly darkest before the dawn

What We Are Releasing Through This Process

The Devil


In my eyes, the Devil is the ultimate illusion; the self imposed shackles we burden ourselves with, and build upon with our negative mental constructs. This speaks to the 10 of swords–sharp knives we point in at ourselves and convince ourselves are inescapable. The appearance of this card speaks to the foundational shifts that are occurring. This isn’t surface level stuff, we are moving through changes that will alter the actual components of our being, the makeup of who we are. We are beginning to see how we imprison ourselves, and are beginning to realize we are ready to move out of these patterns.

What We Are Evolving Through

8 of Cups


The eight of cups signals stagnation that can often surround deep trauma, like an impenetrable pool of dark Scorpionic water left untouched. The nagging perception that we are not *enough* somehow. It points to relationships where we give too much of ourselves and are not replenished. It begs for movements towards loving care of the self, in whatever form you need most in that moment. This card asks us to keep moving, and to act in accordance with compassion for your innermost self. To believe in your inalienable deservence of love and care. Don’t get bogged down in the doldrums following this chaos. Just take the small, simple, purposeful actions that can move you through this stagnant energy into new possibilities.

What Can We Do To Move Through This With Grace & Ease

6 of Disks

IMG_5746I pulled this card as a clarifying addendum on how to best traverse the 8 of cups energy we are moving through. The 6 of disks speaks to the fruits of progress that have come into form via deep unshakeable confidence and love of the self. It is physical, tangible evidence of positive forward movement; proof that you are moving in the right direction and are deserving of the good that comes into your life. I see this as a beautiful positive omen and a reminder that we are never presented with more than we can handle, even when we are convinced we cannot deal with what comes up. There is abundance and love on the horizon… now is our moment to recuperate and reorient ourselves in a vibration of self belief and love. There is beauty coming our way.


Alright little loves, that’s a wrap on my first of what will become a weekly tarot report. I send all my love and blessings to you all and a genuine empathy for whatever you are experiencing at this time. Until next week,

xx Morrigan Fey